Strauss Groep (Strauss Group) is a multidisciplinary construction group with a labour force of approximately 450 employees. The roots of the group can be traced back to 1966 when it was founded by Johannes Cornelis Strauss. The name “Strauss Grondverskuiwers” (Strauss Earthmoving) was adopted and later renamed to “Strauss Siviel” (Strauss Civil). Over the past 48 years this one-man enterprise has developed and recently grows into a group of companies (IT5 Siviel, Poort Beton and Strauss Meganies). They are currently directed and managed by the second generation.

The Group has a track record of industry excellence, puts a high premium on sustainable and responsible development and has created, by means of modern office buildings and an extensive human resources department, a pleasant working environment.


Innovation and renewal has always been an integral part of the Strauss Group, of which the following are but a few:

  • Design and manufacture of the first hydraulically driven kerb-laying equipment in South Africa.
  • Development and manufacture of the first road marking equipment that enabled users to do all 5 layers of marking simultaneously. At that time, this machine was regarded as the fastest road marking machine on the South African market.
  • A reservoir, with the largest diameter concrete sphere roof in the Southern Hemisphere, was built without using permanent supports.
  • During 2001, the Keimoes Stormwater Project was rewarded by the South African Institution for Civil Engineering as the “Most Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement in Community-based Projects”. The Professional Management Review honoured Strauss Siviel (the former identity for IT5 Siviel) with a Gold Award in 2005 – placed first overall in the category Civil Construction; for Northern Cape Leaders and Achievers Companies doing the most to enhance the province’s economic growth and development. Excellence was rated by Northern Cape business and local and provincial governments.
  • During 2005 the business acquired 69 239m2 of industrial property in Upington in order to relocate the three main companies (IT5 Siviel, Strauss Meganies and Poort Beton) in one area – which was a giant leap forward in the successful future of the Group.
 IT5_Siviel2 Poort_Beton4  Strauss_Meganies2

A Grade 8CE Construction Company, delivering a range of projects of different scale in the field of Civil Engineering and Mining.

A factory supplying a diversity of concrete products, such as building bricks, paving bricks, ready mix and aggregate products.

A well-equipped workshop responsible for the maintenance of the different operating plants, as well as a fleet of 411 units of earthmoving equipment.

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